AZMED Maternity Belt Review

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Being pregnant is sometimes quite an uncomfortable thing as lower backaches, pelvic pains and abdominal muscles splits are common happenings among those who are soon due to give birth.

If this is your or your family member’s case, considering a maternity support belt could be the solution to these uncomfortable problems. Although you should talk to the doctor first, these pregnancy bands have become a must among modern mothers who need a help in carrying the baby’s weight.

The belt that we will be reviewing below is made by AZMED in hopes that women can wear it and alleviate the discomfort of being pregnant and tired. Keep reading to explore the AZMED Maternity Belt with us.

AZMED Maternity Belt

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This is a maternity belt sold by a well-known brand called AZMED, and it is, in fact, a best seller among maternity supports. What makes this maternity belt so special are its great characteristics.

As the main objective, it helps reduce pregnancy discomfort by supporting the weight of the belly and providing gentle compression in the abdominal area. This can be quite helpful for women who have lower back aches, bladder problems and pelvic pain from carrying the growing baby bump.

Aside from that, the maternity band is elastic, wraps around the belly and not under it like other pregnancy belts, and closes on the back with a system made from Velcro and hooks. The usage reliefs hip and stretching pains as well.

This AZMED maternity belt also helps to correct the posture of the pregnant mother, something that tends to suffer as time passes by and the third trimester gets near. It is recommended to be used when the woman is suffering from diastasis recti, which happens when the abdominal muscles split down the middle because of the weight they have to carry.

This is common among pregnant women whose bodies get ready for giving birth thus producing a huge amount of relaxin, a hormone that softens the muscles which end up weakening them in months. This is precisely why the AZMED Maternity Belt is also recommended to be worn even post-pregnancy.

Aside from removing the excess of the pregnancy weight, it also effectively eases spinal pressure, thus preventing back strains while you are sitting down, standing up or exercising because that is another thing that this maternity belt is great at, working out!

Perfect for active mothers who like to keep up with their exercise routine, the belt is made of a breathable fabric that transfers moisture and heat, and keeps the belly from sweating when doing yoga, hiking, or just being outside in warm weather.

It is a one-size item that fits up to 46 inches of belly, which means that you will be able to use it from the third month all the way to postpartum times when you are trying to get your abdominal muscles to strengthen again.

AZMED states that they are committed to the highest standards of craftsmanship, always searching to help the pregnant mothers by providing support and minimizing the pulling forward and down of the growing belly, which is what causes lower back and pelvic pains.

It is comfortable enough to use all day long and while sitting on long car trips and because of its breathable material, you won’t be needing to take it off until you go to bed. However, if you also suffer from backaches while sleeping, the AZMED Maternity Belt can help you with this as well.

It can be washed by hand or in the washing machine with the Velcro straps closed so that they won’t get ruined. It is not recommended that you dry it in a dryer, but let it air dry instead. It comes in a nude color and can be easily worn under your outfits.

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  • The breathable fabric is a great feature as it will keep the belly from sweating while working out or just walking around in a hot weather
  • It is one size fits all, so you won’t be needing to replace it as your belly grows bigger. You can start to wear it from the third month on, if your baby bump is big enough, and keep it even throughout the postpartum process
  • It provides a lot of support and a little pressure, just enough to ease different pregnancy pains
  • It has a 2-inch Velcro strap that makes the band very adjustable. It is easy to put on without anyone’s help
  • It comes in a skin color that will pass unnoticed when worn under the clothes
  • Alleviates several types of pain and can be worn during the night
  • It’s quite affordable
  • Machine washable
  • Corrects poor pregnancy posture by carrying part of the belly’s weight


  • It seems that some customers are allergic to the fabrics which are not anti-allergic at all. It can cause skin irritation and itchiness
  • A few have stated that it is difficult to put on yourself
  • While some complain that it is not wide enough, others say that it is too thin—the main problem of both statements being that it might roll down when sitting down and standing up
  • Not good for babies that sit “high” in the belly
  • Not friendly for big bellies
  • Some say that the Velcro feels uncomfortable when worn directly on the skin


It seems that the AZMED Maternity Belt might be a unique item that you will have to try for yourself. Because of the mixed reviews, many women report that it was comfortable and quite useful to wear all day long, while others developed allergies to the fabric.

If you are not an allergic person and happen to live in warmer climates, this could be the one for you as it really does provide a lot of support and can be worn for a long time.

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