Babo Care Maternity Belt Review

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Among the few downsides of being pregnant are the many pains that can show up around your belly area. As it grows bigger with time, more and more weight is carried in the bump, causing pressure on your back, pelvic zone and abdominal muscles.

Many women suffer a great deal from these pains, especially during the last month of pregnancy. However, they still want to carry on with their daily chores as much as possible.

The perfect solution for this is getting a belt that will help with support the weight of the belly and alleviate pressure on that area.

For this review, we selected a Babo Care Maternity Belt that is among the most recommended options on Amazon. Read what we have to say to see if this is the item that could help you lessen pregnancy discomforts.

Babo Care Maternity Belt

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This Babo Care Maternity Belt is among the most recommended on Amazon as both its features and price are great. It is a doctor-recommended item that helps to ease the pain and discomfort of the growing belly on the pregnant woman.

As the third trimester arrives, which is when the baby bump is at its largest, the mother can commonly suffer from lower back pains, diastasis recti, or a less intense pelvic pain from carrying the baby’s weight.

This is a pregnancy belt that wraps around your belly, mostly on the lower part of it, lessening the burden of excess weight while also providing a gentle abdominal compression which could prevent the muscles in that area from splitting because of the weight.

It is also great for hip pain as it provides pressure on both sides, as well; it minimizes spinal strain when used for moving around and even reduces sacroiliac pain, making it the perfect item for those mothers who are truly suffering during day and night from acute pain in different parts around the belly.

It is a comfortable band especially designed to be worn every day at any time, with the idea that the pregnant women can finish all their daily tasks without problems. The material is soft and breathable, allowing it to be comfortably worn even under the warmest of clothes in cold weather.

The support it provides on the lower back not only lessens the pain but also corrects the mother’s posture, which is something that tends to get worse as the baby belly begins to get heavier at the very end of the pregnancy.

It is an elastic pregnancy support belt that comes in only one size, thanks to the latest developments among similar products on the market. Because women had to change belts as the months passed, manufacturers decided to create an elastic belt that can stretch to any desired size, up to 48 inches.

This means that you will be able to wear the Babo Care belt all through the entire pregnancy without having to worry about substituting it.

In addition to all of these, the maternity band comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee that will get you your money back if you are unsatisfied or feel uncomfortable wearing it. Although a few other similar items offer similar warranties, this is a model that delivers on its promises.

By wearing this belt, you will not only be alleviating several types of pain and correcting your posture, but you will also prevent back strains while exercising, sitting down, or standing up. This is great for those pregnant mothers who already have small children that require a lot of movement and attention.

Its closing system is at the back and is made from a very long Velcro strap that can allow you to adjust it as your belly grows bigger, or smaller after giving birth. The stomach area is soft but sturdy enough to carry the weight of the belly.

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  • It is a one-size band that stretches up to 48 inches and will work for anyone from 40 inches on. It is big enough to wrap around if you are in your early months, or post-pregnancy when your abdominal muscles are in most need of regaining their strength
  • It provides great support and compression, and is made of a soft and very comfortable fabric
  • The breathable material works great in all types of weather
  • Perfect for those who want to work out while pregnant
  • Reduces pain, provides abdominal pressure and helps out those with big bellies
  • It is light and thin


  • The construction has rigid pieces that might bother some women enough to be pulled out as they scratch the skin and can cause irritation
  • It might be too big if you are early in the pregnancy
  • Altogether uncomfortable for a few customers
  • The Velcro strap seems to wear out after a while, which is something to keep in mind if you are planning on wearing it every day


If you are looking for a maternity belt that will help support the weight of your growing belly, Babo Care has an excellent option for you. This pregnancy band is elastic, one size, and comes in a nude color that hides well under your clothes.

It is made from a soft, breathable material and closes in the back with a Velcro strap that you can easily do on your own. It’s great for exercising, running, keeping your belly in place while running errands, etc. Customers claim that it works perfectly and that is provides enough support to help alleviate pain, aches and pregnancy discomfort.

Among the downsides, the Velcro straps might wear out after too much usage, and it is a tad big for those who have a small belly, who might need to wait until a month or two pass by. Also, the Babo Care Maternity Belt comes with a few plastic pieces that seem to bother most; it can be fixed by pulling them, although this is not the idea.

This band is quite affordable, though, and comes with a lifetime warranty, so in case you end up giving it a chance and not liking it, contact customer support and return it for a refund.

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