Cabea Baby Belly Band Review

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Imagine carrying a baby inside your abdomen for 9 months. Pregnancy is such a difficult phase in a woman’s life. It comes with unexplained, odd feelings and pains.

Fortunately, there are ways to ease them. How can you make pregnancy less difficult?

Maternity clothing helps pregnant women adapt to changes in their body size during pregnancy. It was used as early as the Middle Ages.

In the 20th century, it was a “fashion backwater” and it was not a profitable business because manufacturers thought no one would buy such garments to be used for only a few months. Then, in the late 1990s, maternity clothes became more successful in the market that sales grew by 10%.

One item of maternity clothing is the maternity belt. It is wrapped around the waist or hips to provide support for the increasing weight and size of the uterus. It also supports the back and lifts the stomach to reduce the pressure.

It comes in three styles: the camisole style, tube top style, and the one wrapped around the waist and closed with a Velcro strap.

What makes a good maternity belt? Here are some factors to consider when buying one.

  • The maternity belt should be made of premium materials that can withstand pressure and support movements
  • You should not feel uncomfortable or pinched while wearing a maternity belt. Comfort is important for a maternity belt
  • The maternity belt should stay in place and keep hugging the waist at your every move
  • Back support. The major function of maternity belt is to provide back support to relieve lower back, joint, and muscle pains
  • Ease of use. You should be able to wear and adjust the belt easily without any stress.

Today, there are hundreds of maternity belts; some claim to provide the necessary support but fail. Others are very expensive, while a few are affordable.

If you are looking for a premium maternity belt, here’s a good choice: the Cabea Baby Belly Band.

Cabea Baby Belly Band

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The Cabea belly band is made of soft, strong neoprene nylon and a spandex material on the outer fabric. Since it’s made with an elastic fabric, it can be used throughout the pregnancy period.

This maternity band is adjustable and can be secured with a Velcro strap. It is easy to use and wear.

The Cabea belly band is designed to relieve hip and back pain so you can continue doing your daily activities while pregnant. It also helps ease other discomforts caused by pregnancy including pubic symphysis dysfunction (SPD), round ligament pain, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, abdominal lymphedema, and diastasis recti. It is a 360-degree support for pregnancy-related pain and discomfort.

Compared to other maternity belts, Cabea belly band has discreet fit under your clothes. It’s comfortable and soft so you won’t feel any irritation or discomfort while wearing it. You can also wear it with an add-on groin and shoulder support bands for a more personalized fit.

It is made in the United States and designed by female health experts who understand pregnancy.

The Cabea belly band can be machine washed and machine dried without causing any damaged. It’s easy to use and wash.

It is a very multi-functional maternity belt. In fact, the Cabea belly band can be worn as postpartum belt to ease pain after giving birth and help recover.

The Cabea belly band is even suitable for twin pregnancies and women with active lifestyles. It supports your every movement and keeps you comfortable while moving about.

The Cabea Baby Belly Band seems to be an excellent maternity belt. Learn more about this product by reading the pros and cons below.

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  • Soft and comfortable
  • Durable materials
  • Relieves pregnancy-related pain in the lower back, joints, and shoulder
  • Adjustable
  • With additional support band
  • Elastic fabric
  • Can be used throughout pregnancy
  • Easy to wear
  • Machine washable
  • Ease pregnancy discomforts
  • Supports the belly
  • Total support
  • Design by a female kinesiologist
  • Does not bulge under clothes


  • Splinters after washing


Pregnancy is difficult, but there are different kinds of maternity clothes that help ease pregnancy-related discomforts and pain. They were used since the early times but it was during the late 1990s when their market increased. Manufacturers saw that the higher demands for maternity clothes today compared to earlier centuries.

The maternity belt provides support to the abdomen and helps relieve pregnancy-related discomfort and pain. The Cabea belly band provides total support for the different pregnancy-related discomforts such as low back, joint, and shoulder pains.

It is perfect for women with active lifestyles who want to continue their daily physical activities even when pregnant. It’s also suitable for twin pregnancies.

The Cabea belly band is made of strong neoprene nylon with an elastic spandex on the outer fabric. It is soft and comfortable and supports every movement.

Its fit is discreet and doesn’t bulge under your clothes; no one will notice that you are wearing it.

The Cabea Baby Belly Band is easy to adjust. It has a Velcro strap that secures its place and fit around the waist or belly. It’s machine washable too! However, there loose threads emerge after the band has been washed several times.

But other than that, it has many advantages. It can also be used after giving birth to help ease the pain and support postpartum recovery.

With all the maternity belts available today, this Cabea belly band is a smart buy. It might be another addition to pregnancy costs but it’s worth it. It helps ease pregnancy-related pain and discomfort.

It supports the pregnant abdomen and reduces the pressure on the lower back. It’s multi-functional in that it can be used for postpartum recovery.

For pregnant women who want to stay physically active even when pregnant, this Cabea Baby Belly Band is the best companion. It’s suitable for twin pregnancies too. No need to look for other maternity belts when you experience this excellent maternity belt.

May you have a less difficult pregnancy ahead!

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