Sleeping when pregnant 101: Can you sleep with a maternity belt on?

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Can you sleep with a maternity belt on ? ​Can i wear a pregnancy belt to sleep ? Being pregnant is difficult and you are asking yourself a lot of questions. There are a lot of changes in your body that cause discomfort and pain. Although they are normal in most cases, going through the day with them is hard. One of the challenges that pregnant women have to deal with is sleeping.

Some women find it hard to sleep, while others feel back pain. Hence, some women wear a maternity belt to help reduce the pain. But can you sleep with a maternity belt on?

A maternity belt is a maternity garment wrapped around the hips or waist to help distribute the weight evenly around the area.

It helps reduce the pain in the lower back, muscles, and joints as the pelvic ligaments become loose especially during the second and third trimester. It allows you to continue doing physical activities like walking, sitting, and exercising even when pregnant.

But how about pregnancy-related sleep issues? Is a maternity belt safe during sleep?

Can you sleep with a maternity belt on?

The best way to answer this question is to ask your doctor. You may have a unique pregnancy. Although some people say that maternity belt should be worn for limited number of hours per day, others advise wearing it only 3 hours per day, while others say to wear it for a maximum of 8 hours.

Maternity belt manufacturers advise their customers to avoid wearing a maternity belt during sleep. It might be because wearing the belt should be limited to a maximum of 8 hours. They recommend wearing it for only 2-3 hours per day.

Maternity belts are intended to provide support to the growing abdomen and take a break from the pregnancy-related pain in the muscles, joints, and lower back. Many health experts advise not to wear the maternity belts for long.

Cautions on wearing maternity belt

Avoid wearing maternity belts too tightly as it might cause discomfort and affect the uterus. It should provide gentle pressure that is enough to reduce back pain and distribute the abdominal weight evenly over the area.

Wearing the belt for too long will cause you to depend on your abdominal muscles, and weaken your lower body muscles. It will also potentially cause high blood pressure as it will negatively affect the blood circulation in the body. It might also cause heartburn and indigestions caused by the poor circulation of blood.

Another caution is aesthetics related. Maternity belt might become visible or bulge under the clothes. So, if you are the kind of woman who likes wearing tight fitted clothes, forget about wearing maternity belt. Try wearing loose clothes like shirts and flowy dress when you wear the belt.

How to sleep better during pregnancy ?

​When you are pregnant, sleeping at night can be challenge. But you can be comfortable by following these tips:

Sleeping position

​Sleeping on your side, preferably your left, is recommended for pregnant women; It improves the flow of nutrients and blood for the baby and aids your kidneys to eliminate body fluids and wastes. Sleeping on the side will result to reduced swelling of the legs, hands, and feet.

Sleeping with a pillow

You may also put a pillow to support your growing abdominal area. It also helps maintain your back to be aligned correctly.

To reduce pressure from your lower back, put a pillow in between your bent knees. Some examples of pillows that are beneficial for pregnant women are full body pillow, sleeping bean, small pillow, and wedge.

You might also worry about the comfort of your baby inside you. You might worry that it won’t be comfortable while you are sleeping. Worry no more. Your baby is floating in a safe environment so it won’t feel discomfort or restless.

Can you sleep with a maternity belt on ? Our Conclusion

You may feel discomforts and pain during pregnancy. Sleeping with a maternity belt on might cause negative effects on your body such as improper blood circulation.

Many people recommend wearing the belt for only 2-3 hours per day, just enough to take off the pressure and relieve back pain. Sleeping on the side will also improve your sleep at night and improving blood circulation.

It’s important to consider every action that you do. Better yet, consult your doctor or fellow moms. You don’t want to make your condition worse with misconceptions or wrong actions. Have a safe pregnancy and delivery!

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