Flexguard Maternity Support Belt Review

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Some women wear a maternity belt believing that it can help reduce weight without doing any gym routines or eating particular kinds of food. But as medical science is concerned, this notion does not have any evidence that it works.

However, this doesn’t mean that maternity belts are useless. Here are some benefits of wearing maternity belt during pregnancy:

Reduces joint, muscular, and lower back pain

The body releases a specific hormone called relaxin that loosens the pelvic ligaments to prepare the body for giving birth. This loosening causes the lower back, muscular, and other connective tissues to ache.

A maternity belt provides mild compression to the hip or waist area to keep it compact and ease the pain.

Lessens discomfort

Unless advised by the doctor, pregnant women should keep moving to prepare their body for giving birth the natural way and not through caesarian section. Some pregnant women also choose to keep their active lifestyle but might find it difficult because of the increasing size and weight of the abdomen.

The maternity belt mildly compresses the abdomen and supports the uterus to lessen the discomfort while doing daily tasks.

Maintains proper posture

Especially during the second up to third trimester, your lower back will overextend because of the weaker core muscles. Hence, you might develop poor posture while sitting, walking, etc. The maternity belt prevents this overextending so you can maintain proper posture.

It is important to use the maternity belt properly. Avoid wearing it all day as you might depend on your abdomen too much.

When you depend on it, your muscles will weaken and might can over compress the abdomen. Doctors recommend wearing it for only 2-3 hours per day. Don’t wear it while you are sleeping.

Although maternity belts might be another addition to pregnancy cost, they’re worth it. This is especially true for women who experience discomfort, want to keep an active lifestyle during pregnancy, and who are carrying twins.

The Flexguard Maternity Support Belt[/easyazon_link] is one of the best-selling, most functional maternity belts today. Among its features, pros, and cons are the following:

Flexguard Maternity Support Belt

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The Flexguard belt is made of a comfortable, elastic material that is fully adjustable to support the belly throughout pregnancy. It fits just right and easy to adjust to be gently wrapped around the waist and hip, no matter what size the body and abdomen are.

The Flexguard maternity belt comes in different sizes from medium to 3XL plus size. It provides superior support and relief from pelvic, hip, and back pain during pregnancy. It helps make your pregnancy comfy and less painful.

This maternity belt works by lifting up the belly and providing support to the back while sitting or doing other physical activities.

Another function of Flexguard maternity belt is its posture correction. As the weight of your belly increases, your abdominal muscles become weaker causing your back to overextend.

This maternity belt helps ease the excessive abdominal weight to ease back pain and maintain a proper posture.

The Flexguard maternity belt is constructed of breathable materials. It allows air circulation, making it more comfortable than other brands. It also adds to your level of comfort.

The Flexguard Maternity Support Belt comes with lifetime guarantee. You can have a full refund if you are not satisfied with its quality and functions.

Just like any other products, the Flexguard maternity  belt comes with pros and cons. Among them are the following:

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  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Encourages proper posture
  • Supports abdominal muscles
  • Fits different belly sizes up to 3XL
  • Fully adjustable
  • Easy to use and adjust
  • Supports the back, hips, and pelvis
  • Comes with lifetime warranty
  • Elastic and soft
  • Lifts up the belly
  • Relieves pregnancy related pains


Unfortunately, there’s one flaw of the Flexguard maternity belt in that it is quite bulky.


Although there is no medical evidence that maternity belts help reduce weight after pregnancy, it does have benefits throughout the pregnancy. Among them are the reduced joint, muscular, and lower back pain, lessening discomfort, and maintaining proper posture.

They became popular in the late 1990s, when the maternity belt market increased by 10%.

Maternity belts do not entirely relieve pain. The body releases a specific hormone that prepares the body to giving birth. This hormone loosens the pelvic muscles causing lower back, joint, and muscular pains.

A maternity belt gently compresses these muscles to prevent or ease the pain. It also improves comfort by lifting the expanding belly to lessen the pressure on the lower back.

Health experts recommend wearing the maternity belt properly. Avoid wearing it too tightly as it might negatively affect the fetus, and also cause you discomfort. Don’t wear it while you are sleeping or wear it all day.

Wear it for only 2-3 hours per day. If you feel pain, take it as a sign that you should take it off. Rest properly as you are more prone to fatigue and discomfort.

The Flexguard maternity belt is a premium maternity belt made of flexible, soft materials that provide support to the belly throughout the pregnancy. It lifts up the big belly to lessen the pressure to the lower back. It lessens the pain and discomfort in the pelvic, back, and hip areas.

This maternity belt helps correct or maintain proper posture as it helps support the increasing weight of the abdomen. It prevents the back from overextending which causes poor posture while sitting, walking, or doing other physical activities. It is easy to wear and is adjustable. It can fit to varying body and stomach sizes up to 3XL.

The Flexguard Maternity Support Belt is breathable but there’s one disadvantage: it’s quite bulky. Try wearing loose clothes to prevent it from looking bulky underneath your clothing.

Among all these features and pros, this maternity belt is affordable. It is one of the most cost effective maternity belts on the market today. Try it before buying to ensure that you’re comfortable wearing it.

There might not be medical evidence that it can help reduce weight after pregnancy, but it does help lessen the pain and discomfort throughout the pregnancy period, especially in the last trimester.

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