How to wear a maternity belt? Achieving maximum comfort and support

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Maternity belts are heaven-sent garments for pregnant women. They provide support to the growing abdomen, which helps ease the pain and discomfort. They gently compress the stomach to help distribute the weight evenly.

They lift up the abdomen and relieve the pressure at the lower back, joints, and muscles. But how to wear a maternity belt? And how should you not wear a maternity belt?

How to wear a maternity belt

A maternity belt is intended to provide support to the pregnant abdomen. It is worn around the waist under the clothes. But you don’t want to put too much pressure on your tummy. So, there are the steps on how to wear a maternity belt:

  1. Place the maternity belt exactly beneath your abdomen; it should be just above the pelvis area.
  2. Cover the area with the maternity belt using the strap until it meets the other end or side of the strap. Clasp the strap to the belt through the hook and loop fastener or Velcro.
  3. Connect the belt to one side of the maternity pad using the hook and loop fastener. Expand the maternity belt on your back and connect the other side of the belt via the hook and loop clasp. Change the position of the fastener system so you can adjust the looseness or tightness of the maternity belt.
  4. Hook the strap to the higher end of the maternity belt and cover the top of your abdomen until it extends to the other side of the maternity belt. Connect the strap and correct the maternity belt if necessary to achieve optimal comfort and support.

How not to wear a maternity belt

A maternity belt becomes uncomfortable when you wear it the wrong way. Avoid wearing it too tightly as it will put too much pressure on the abdominal area. It is intended to be worn just for few hours, usually 2-3 hours per day. Avoid wearing it all day and while you are sleeping.

Some maternity belts become uncomfortable when worn for few hours. Some feel uncomfortable when you sit. Is this normal? It’s important to choose or purchase a good quality, comfortable maternity belt. So, here are some factors to consider.

How to purchase a good maternity belt

There are several ways to check if a maternity belt will provide the right support and comfort you need during pregnancy. Among them are:


Maternity belts are intended to provide support to the growing abdomen to help alleviate the pain in the lower back, joints, and muscles. It is important that it withstands the stretch and pressure it experiences from time to time or when doing any activities like walking, sitting, or exercise.


Some maternity belts are made of materials that are too stiff which are not a good idea. Good maternity belts are made soft materials that feel comfortable to the skin.

A breathable cotton fabric is also a plus when it comes to comfort. Some maternity belts are made of materials that are safe for sensitive skin.

Postpartum use

Maternity belts are intended to be used throughout the pregnancy. They have adjustable sizes to accommodate different abdominal sizes.

But what makes it better is the postpartum use, which allows you to use it even after giving birth. Maternity belts for postpartum use help relieve pain after giving birth and aid in recovery.

Discreet under clothes

Maternity belts are worn under your clothes, so, it is important that they are discreet so that no one will know that you are wearing one. You would not want for it to bulge under your clothes, so, it’s important to buy a maternity belt that is thin and discreet enough. Poor maternity belts are thick and bulge under your clothes.

Also make sure that you wear a loose top. Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes when wearing maternity belt.


A maternity belt is very useful to help ease the pregnancy-related pains. It is important to wear it properly to assure that you are not putting too much pressure on the growing uterus to guarantee maximum comfort.

Another factor that makes the maternity belt comfortable are the materials it is made of. Maternity belts made of soft, breathable materials are the most comfortable.

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