Jill & Joey Maternity Belt Review

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Most women experience pain and discomfort throughout their pregnancy as a result of carrying excess weight from their baby belly. Towards the middle of the second trimester, lower back pain is very common, though there are some who experience more pain than others.

Pelvic, hip, abdominal, and back pain is quite normal, reducing the comfort and mobility of moms-to-be. The main reason that maternity belts were made is to help pregnant women alleviate aches and pains and carry the extra weight of the pregnancy.

As wonderful as the pregnancy experience is, the discomfort can ruin your experience and put strain on your body. Having proper abdominal support is essential when reducing your pain and can also help you have a good night’s sleep. This is where the Jill & Joey Maternity Belt can really help you.

Jill & Joey Maternity Belt

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Using a Jill & Joey maternity belt can help reduce the pain and pressure in your pelvis, back, and hips as well as the edema (swelling) in your feet, hands, and legs. One thing is for sure about being pregnant: you are going to get bigger. Some women gain very little weight, while others gain a bit more. No matter which category you fall into, you want a maternity belt that can be adjusted as your baby belly grows. This maternity belt is available in one size, a 45-inch belt that can be adjusted to fit you throughout your whole pregnancy.

You can adjust the Velcro closure which you can fasten to the support pad as tightly or loosely as you want it to be. The Velcro allows you to apply the perfect amount of compression to your belly and back, so that you have the best support.

The Jill & Joey maternity belt provides gentle compression that helps maintain the correct posture as it acts like an extra muscle. This means that you can comfortably support your growing belly without worrying about muscle strain.

The cotton materials used to make this maternity belt are soft, cool, and breathable so you can wear it in any season without getting too hot. Women with very sensitive skin may need to wear a tank top under the belt to prevent skin rashes, but this shouldn’t be a problem as the belt won’t add too much additional heat.

When wearing the belt under your clothing, you never have to worry about looking bulky. While you can wear the belt under your clothing, it is advised to wear it on top of a tank top if you have sensitive skin. The maternity belt has been designed to look as subtle as possible, meaning you can wear all of your favorite clothes while still enjoying the support of the belt.

This maternity belt is placed under your belly to provide support for your abdomen. You can also use this belt once you have had your baby as it can provide support for your healing muscles.

Over the course of your pregnancy, you are going to spend a lot of time in your maternity belt, and some of that time will be in warmer months. You will be able to clean this maternity belt without too much of a fuss with a gentle hand wash.

Based on your pain levels and your baby’s position, you would probably pay any amount to have some amount of relief. Although you would gladly fork out buckets full of cash, it’s important to consider the cost of your maternity belt. Being pregnant and having a baby is already very expensive, so saving any amount will help you out. Luckily, the Jill & Joey belt is very price competitive.

You want the maternity belt you buy to feel comfortable when you wear it as you will spend many hours wearing it throughout your pregnancy. The purpose of the Jill & Joey maternity belt is to make you more comfortable. When putting on the maternity belt, make sure it fits snugly but not overly tight. A snug fit will reduce the pressure on your back, hips, pelvis, and abdomen.

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  • Relives discomfort and pain associated with pregnancy, particularly in the back, belly, pelvis, and hips
  • The belt is made from breathable and comfortable cotton so you can wear it over or under your clothes
  • Supports your abdomen and back during day-to-day tasks
  • Can help reduce edema by relieving tension and stress in your back
  • Adjustable up to 45 inches so you can have the proper compression needed throughout your pregnancy
  • The Velcro band means you can take the belt off and put it on quickly and easily
  • The support offered by the belt through the gentle compression corrects your posture by holding your abdominal and back muscles in place


  • Some women find it difficult to connect at the back
  • May be too hot to wear in very hot climates
  • Can roll up and down if you have a shorter torso

Why You Should Wear a Maternity Belt

There are many different reasons why you should wear a maternity belt during your pregnancy, including helping you when you:

  • spend a long time on your feet during the day
  • have gained an unexpected amount of weight
  • are pregnant with twins
  • have back pain
  • are struggling with pelvic pain
  • have discomfort from your sciatica
  • have a hernia
  • have round ligament pain


The Jill & Joey maternity belt offers you everything you could need in a supportive and comfortable maternity belt. Whether you are looking for something to correct your posture, support your belly, or help you during your exercise sessions, this belt may be just what you are looking for.

Being pregnant should not have to mean that you give up all the things you enjoy. With the Jill & Joey maternity belt, you can go about life as usual without the strain, pressure, and pain typically associated with pregnancy.

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