Kamtum Maternity Belt Review

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Now that you are in the second or third trimester of your pregnancy, some fellow moms are advising you to wear a maternity belt. What is a maternity belt?

Should you really wear one? As far as the doctors are concerned, there’s no medical proof that maternity belts are useful during the pregnancy period or postpartum.

But maybe you have heard of its benefits; you might have heard that it helps in losing weight after giving birth. If you plan to wear it for this purpose, you might be wrong.

But this doesn’t mean that wearing maternity belt does not have benefits or advantages. Among the benefits are:

  • It helps relieve lower back, muscular, and joint pains. Maternity belt won’t totally relieve the pain because of the natural effect of the body to loosen up the muscles, pelvis area, and other connective tissue before delivery
  • It reduces discomfort when doing physical activities. The belt gently compresses your stomach and supports the uterus so it eases discomfort while doing physical activities such as walking and exercise
  • A maternity belt maintains proper posture. The core muscles and lower back become weak causing poor posture. The belt helps prevent overextending the lower back while sitting, standing, or walking

Bear in mind that maternity belts don’t totally relieve lower back, muscles, and joint pain. This is because these muscles are loosening due to the specific hormone released that affect the ligaments and muscles in the pelvic area. The hormone, called relaxin, prepares the body for birth.

Make sure that when you wear the maternity belt, you do not wear it too tightly. You don’t want you or your baby to feel discomfort. Don’t wear it during sleep. The recommend length of time to wear it is 2-3 hours per day.

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Kamtum Maternity Belt

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The Kamtum belt is made with a pure cotton front lining which is safe for sensitive skin. It has ventilation areas which add comfort and breathability.

It is comfortable for every movement you do. It is made of other high-quality materials that are light, comfortable, and eco-friendly.

To keep it in place around the waist and prevent it from slipping, the Kamtum belt is built with strong grip Velcro. It can support a belly up to 46 inches and all body types, and can be adjusted throughout the pregnancy period.

For added adjustability, the side straps are also elastic. It can adapt throughout the pregnancy and postpartum when your body is recovering.

The Kamtum belt comes with 3 bra extenders in different colors: white black, and nude. Each bra extender comes with 2 hooks and can suit all standard bras. Each bra extender is made of soft velvet; it doesn’t pinch, and is not itchy on the skin.

This maternity belt provides the support that you need during pregnancy. It lifts up the belly to help ease the pressure and weight. It mildly supports the pelvic and stomach areas and relieves lower back, muscles, and joint pains.

You can also continue wearing this maternity belt after giving birth. It can be an abdominal binder to help you recover.

The Kamtum belt prevents over extension of the lower back which can cause poor posture. It also lessens the weakening of your core muscles that sustain the spine; therefore, it helps maintain good posture even when the uterus becomes bigger and heavier.

The Kamtum belt doesn’t cause bulges under your clothes, and it has a nude color t that blends in with the skin.

Aside from the bonus bra extenders, this maternity belt package also comes with an instruction brochure on how to ease back pain during pregnancy.

The Kamtum Belt is a smart choice for a maternity belt. It has pros and cons such as the following:

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  • Comfortable
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Supports proper posture
  • Doesn’t bulge
  • With bra extenders
  • Can be used as abdominal binder after giving birth
  • Eases pressure
  • Supports the uterus
  • Relieves lower back, joint, and muscle pains
  • Adjustable Velcro straps
  • 100% cotton lining
  • Secure grip
  • Adjustable
  • Can be used throughout pregnancy
  • Worth the money


  • Not recommended when sleeping


There is no medical evidence that maternity belts can help reduce weight after pregnancy. But it still has benefits during and after pregnancy. It provides support to the increasing size and weight of the uterus.

It eases the pressure of the stomach and relieves joint, muscle, and lower back pains. It also supports your movement and helps you do daily activities like walking and exercising.

However, maternity belts don’t totally relieve back pain. The body normally loosens the pelvic muscles and joints in preparation for giving birth.

This causes these muscles to ache. The maternity belt slightly compresses the stomach and pelvic area to prevent pain.

There are certain things to remember when using a maternity belt. Do not wear it too tight. Do not wear it during sleep, and only wear it for 2-3 hours a day.

Prolonged usage will make your muscles depend on it too much and cause them to weaken.

The Kamtum Maternity Belt is a cost-effective maternity belt. It is made of high-quality, soft materials that are comfortable and safe on sensitive skin.

It provides good support to the uterus and lifts it up to ease the pressure and pain on the lower back, muscles, and joints.  It also encourages proper posture and has an adjustable Velcro strap with secure grip.

The Kamtum Belt can be used throughout your pregnancy. It can also serve as an abdominal binder to help your body recover after giving birth.

It comes with 3 bra extenders in different colors and an instruction brochure on how to ease back pain during pregnancy.

With all the maternity clothes available today, this Kamtum Maternity Belt is a must buy. It provides the support you need, can be used throughout pregnancy and after giving birth; it relieves pain in the pelvic area, and maintains proper posture. It is comfortable and safe on sensitive skin.

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