Maternity Belt by LucyVee Review

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Maternity support belts are a must for many mothers that suffer from acute back and pelvic girdle pain. Although not everyone experiences backaches or the weakening of muscles, some help in carrying the weight of the belly is something that no one will say no to.

As the baby grows bigger, so does the bump and the results that come with it: more pressure on the sciatic nerve, abdominal muscles, hips and lastly, on the lower back, over which falls the need to carry the extra pregnancy weight.

For this, maternity support belts help a great deal. If you or someone you know could benefit from it, consider this model from LucyVee which has great features and extra goodies.

Maternity Belt by LucyVee


This maternity belt from LucyVee is quite different from other products and you will soon see why. To being with, the belt comes in a cotton package where you can put it away when not using it because the fabric is soft and needs to be protected.

The LucyVee band is affordable, not much more or less than other belts on the market. It is a one-size-fits-all item that wraps around up to 48 inches and works great while the belly is growing.

The belt is used to support the weight of the belly and will help reduce lower back, pelvic and abdominal pain. Some women tend to suffer from a relatively common condition that is called diastasis recti, which occurs when the muscles of the abdomen split because the belly has grown too much and is causing too much pressure.

Using this belt will not only help ease the pain, but it’s so soft and comfortable that you can wear it to do yoga, workout, jogging, hiking or simply running daily errands. It wraps around the belly and has a system of two Velcro straps on both sides, which can be greatly adjusted because of the double feature.

Thanks to the fact that the adjustable straps are over the hips, you can rest assured that you won’t be needing anyone’s help to put this pregnancy belt on! While some that close on the back might be too difficult for a pregnant woman, this one only needs to be pulled on the sides.

It relieves the pain that pregnancy causes, especially in the pelvic and lower back area. It also takes the pressure off the sciatic never because it holds your belly for you. This reduces the discomfort greatly especially during those later pregnancy months when all your muscles are sore and tires.

The fabric that is made of it anti-allergic so it is the perfect option for mothers prone to allergies. It won’t make you feel any itching or cause irritation. It is a soft fabric that feels great when worn directly on the skin or over any outfit.

This maternity belt can be used every day and throughout the whole pregnancy as it will adjust as great to the smallest of bellies and to the biggest as well. The usage of maternity belt is doctor approved so it can help you immensely if you are a mamma in pain.

In addition to all of this, LucyVee claims that by wearing it early in the pregnancy, you can reduce the possibility of stretch marks as the belt reduces the pressure on the skin cells.

Lastly, the package comes with a great gift of three bra extenders in beige, black and white, so you can keep wearing your old bras without substituting them. They come with an instruction book on how to put them on.

This makes it an excellent gift for those who are thinking of a pregnant friend, a family member or even your own wife. And because of its material, you don’t even have to worry about triggering allergies.

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  • It comes in a lovely cotton bag for storage
  • It brings three bra extenders in white, black and beige, and instructions on how to put them on your normal bras
  • It is made of an anti-allergic, super soft and comfortable fabric that allows you to wear it under your outfits without any discomfort
  • It provides support for baby bump weight and reduces several types of pregnancy pains, including relief of pressure on the sciatic nerve
  • It is effective against stretch marks that show up when your skin is being pulled from the weight
  • The adjustable straps on the sides are one of a kind and definitely deserve some credit. They not only allow the mother to put it on their own effectively but also secure the belt on both sides, giving more control on the wearer
  • Comes in a soft pink baby color and not a nude color as most maternity belts
  • It wraps over and around the belly, and not under it, reducing rolling down risk
  • Excellent customer support


  • It stands on the small side so you might need an extender if you have a big belly. Make sure to contact customer support if necessary
  • Because it is not made from an elastic fabric, if worn too tight, it might feel too tight on the back. Adjust it to wear it as perfectly as possible


This is the perfect maternity belt for all those mothers who are prone to allergies. It is soft, anti-allergic, and has double adjustments on side straps that makes it one of the greatest choices on the maternity supports market.

Likewise, it is one of the cheapest options and you will not only receive a high-quality item but also three bra extenders for free because LucyVee knows exactly what you need when you are pregnant and in pain: pampering!

The belt provides great support and wraps around most of the belly. Customer support functions properly and is open to questions and your needs, making it a great idea to buy this maternity belt from LucyVee, especially if you are looking for something that is not elastic nor beige.

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