KeaBabies Pregnancy Belt Review

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Pregnancy discomfort is no secret to anyone. Although the body should perfectly handle the weight of the pregnancy on its own, the truth is that those who have had babies and have experienced the acute pains that can be felt around the belly area will tell you that a maternity belt is a definite must.

These support bands are specially made for this; they will carry the weight of the baby for you, thus alleviating hip, waist, pelvic girdle and abdominal pain. It also reduces pressure on both the bladder and the spine which helps the pregnant mother feel much better.

If you are thinking about getting one for you, an expecting family member, or your wife, you might want to consider this model by KeaBabies. Read on to find out if the KeaBabies Pregnancy Belt would make a good investment or not.

KeaBabies Pregnancy Belt 

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KeaBabies sells a maternity belt that is no less recommended than any other by doctors. It is an elastic band that helps relieve the pains that come from being pregnant. These include waist, hip, lower back, abdominal and even pelvic girdle pain.

It works like any other belt by wrapping itself around the lower part of the belly all the way to the back of the pregnant mother where it is fastened with a Velcro strap that can be adjusted. The KeaBabies Pregnancy Belt comes in a nude color that hides well under any type of clothes.

The belt can be worn daily because it is super comfortable and it will stay that way even under heavy clothes or hot summers thanks to the breathability of the fabric. Because of this, it can also be used during workouts, for yoga classes or just walking outside. Your belly will never sweat with it as it transfers both heat and moisture.

Another thing that this belt is good for is correcting the posture. It is quite common among advanced pregnant mothers to start hunching or swaying as they walk as a consequence of the heavy weight they have to carry in their bellies.

The pressure that this maternity belt relieves on the spinal cord allows you to stand straight while also strengthening the muscles.

The latter is necessary because, while pregnant, women begin to release a great amount of the hormone relaxin, which allows the process of giving birth to be easier by loosening the muscles and ligaments. This, however, before giving birth, is one of the main causes of pain.

The belt can also be used post-pregnancy precisely for this: It will help you work weakened muscles and regain their pre-pregnancy state, and because it is adjustable, you won’t need to buy another! You can just tighten it and it will work just fine.

This pregnancy support band is sold in only one size, as mentioned above, and its elasticity allows it to be stretched as much as 48 inches. It can be used as soon as the fourth month, as long as you have a belly big enough to hold it in place.

KeaBabies sells a maternity belt that has mostly good reviews and few if any, bad ones. Seemingly, the band does not cause any irritation to the skin and is soft enough to be worn under the clothes, directly on your belly.

Thanks to its functionality, you can reduce pain, discomfort, support the belly, relieve the abdominal area, bladder pressure, and more, and it can be worn anywhere. If after buying it, you are still not sure that it was the product you wanted, you can get a 100% refund, no questions ask, or so the brand claims.

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  • The belt provides great support, reduces different types of pain, and lessens pregnancy discomfort
  • It comes in a nude, concealing color
  • It’s soft, elastic and has Velcro straps for adjusting
  • One size fits all means that you will only have to buy one for the whole pregnancy. Forget about measuring or substituting as your belly grows
  • Breathable construction allows you to wear it in hot climates and makes it perfect for exercising. A great choice for active mothers
  • It creates no bulkiness and can easily be worn under your outfits without being noticed


  • It costs a couple of dollars above the average maternity belts. However, it does not bring any improvements or whatsoever
  • Big-sized bellies tend to find it small, although there aren’t many complaints about this issue; if you run bigger than 47 inches, you might have trouble fitting in it
  • It has a plastic bit on the inside of the band that some customer found a bit itchy
  • After sitting down for too long while wearing it, it can scrunch up and lose its original shape


The KeaBabies Pregnancy Belt is a great item but not very different from similar products. It is a nice option among pregnancy supports and can help reduce pelvic girdle pain, waist pain, hip pain and more.

It also supports your belly enough to alleviate the discomfort of the excess of weight and relieve the spine from carrying all the extra pounds. You will definitely feel much better when wearing it as many customers have stated the contrary–noticing that the pain comes back once they stop using it.

Its breathable fabric is great, making it a perfect choice for running mothers, yoga lovers or, really, anyone who likes to work out even if it is walking around the park. Our only complaint is that it is slightly more expensive than competitive products and does not seem to offer anything different.

However, if you are looking for a great maternity belt that will do its main job, KeaBabies’s band is definitely a good option.

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