Vbiger Maternity Belt Review

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Being pregnant and carrying your baby inside your body can be hard work, and all pregnant women know that this is an unavoidable part of bringing a little one into the world. Your growing abdomen adds a lot of pressure to your back and hips, and your pelvis may experience some loosening which causes pain and discomfort.

The multi-functionality of a maternity belt means that you receive the much needed support for your back and abdomen and relief from the pressure and strain.The Vbiger belt is ideal as a pain reliever and can be used when you are working, at home, exercising, or sleeping. Read on to find out more about this nifty maternity belt.

Vbiger Maternity Belt


This maternity belt by Vbiger, a well-known maternity brand, has received many good reviews that speak of the belt’s quality.This maternity belt is ideal for reducing the discomfort and pain experienced during pregnancy, which includes hip, back, and waist pains, and pelvic and abdominal pressure that may keep you awake at night or doubled over during the day.

As your belly grows, so does the amount of pressure that is placed on your body. This affects not only your posture but can be the cause of pain and medical conditions including diastasis recti. This is when the muscles in the abdomen begin to tear apart during the third trimester.

By wearing the Vbiger maternity belt, the weight that you are carrying will be better supported and you will notice that the aches and pains you experience are relieved. And, because the design is so comfortable, you can wear this belt all day, every day, either under or over your clothing.

The lightweight and breathable construction is good at reducing bladder pressure, sacroiliac dysfunction, and pelvic pain. The compression is gentle but supportive, and the double wrap means that the belt stays firmly in place.

Maternity belts are highly recommended by doctors, but you should always consult with yours before wearing a belt as they can affect women with certain issues such as high blood pressure. However, most doctors will advise you wear one anyway with monitoring. The Vbiger maternity is the perfect belt for moms-to-be both during and after pregnancy.

Once you have put on the belt, you will quickly feel the effects of your belly weight being properly supported. This allows you to return to the correct posture as it provides firm support for your spine. Many women find that they start to hunch over from the weight of their baby belly paired with the weakening of the abdominal muscles. This maternity belt is particularly useful in the last few months of pregnancy to provide the much needed support you need to keep up with your daily life.

The belt is made of spandex and cotton fabric that is ideal for wearing in the office, exercising, or just being at home. It is not bulky at all and will not be seen under light clothes and is slim enough to pass almost unnoticed.

The Velcro strap on the back can be adjusted to suit your size as your belly gets bigger, and you can also wear it after you have delivered your little one to help get your muscles strong again.

This is a one-size maternity belt that will suit you from the start of your second trimester until you give birth. It can easily stretch up to 49 inches, but you may want to invest in a bigger belt if you reach this size as it may provide too much compression.


  • The cotton and spandex makes this belt comfortable to wear. It not only reduces back, abdominal, pelvic, waist, and hip pain, but it supports your belly weight and relieves the pressure on your sciatic nerve and bladder.
  • You can wear this belt every day thanks to the breathable construction. It can be worn for exercising, errands, driving, working, and any other activities you do in a day.
  • The belt is lightweight and is made out of high-quality fabrics. You can wear it with any clothing and will not be seen as it is not bulky.
  • Thanks to its adjustable size, you won’t have to keep buying new maternity belts throughout your pregnancy. You only need this one.
  • You can wear it after your baby is born to help with recovery.
  • It can be stretched up to 49 inches while still providing firm support. The Velcro on the back keeps the belt securely closed.


  • Some moms-to-be have complained that the 49 inch length of the belt is too short for bigger baby bellies. If this is the case, you may need to purchase an extender which is readily available.
  • Ladies with smaller baby bumps have had issues with the band staying in place stating that it moves as they sit or bend, even when tightened.
  • Some have reported that the belt is hard to put on without assistance as they get bigger.
  • It is not machine washable.

Final Thoughts

The Vbiger maternity belt is a great option for pregnant moms. It is important to note that it is similar to others available on the market, so if you have gained a bit more baby weight than anticipated, there are other options that offer you similar features.The breathable cotton and spandex materials, the stretchiness, and the Velcro strap are some of its best features. Its black color does limit you from wearing light colors, but its dark color does not show dirt, which is a plus.

The customer support offered by the company is very good, so if you have any questions about your maternity belt or need to contact them about an extender, you won’t have to waste any time. This maternity belt offers many advantages that will make your pregnancy easier and more comfortable.This belt is a must-have, and thanks to the extender, even if you gain more weight than expected in the last few months, you can keep wearing your favorite maternity belt.

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